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Posted : October 30, 2020

AIM Financial "CHRISTMAS CASHBACK FEVA PLUS" promotion - Apply for a loan $200K or MORE and receive $7,000 cashback on approved loans or $10,000 cashback for all applicants doing Debt Consolidation + Reduction on Processing Fees for all NEW & REPEAT CUSTOMERS for all loans dibursed by January 3, 2022.
*Conditions Apply.

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Borrow up to $3.3 Million*

  • Up to $ 1.4Mil no Guarantor*
  • Any purpose loan



- Photo ID
- Two (2) passport-sized photographs
- Job Letter 
- Last three (3) months payslips.
- Must be currently employed for at least a year with a recognized company, beyond the probationary period.
- Proof of Address (recent utility bills from at least two separate companies, in your name.)
- Last six (6) months Bank Statement of salary account for Standing Order payments. ( If the employer does not facilitate Salary Deduction for AIM Financial.) 

Guarantor Requirements: (If Applicable)

- Valid Photo ID
- Last three (3) months payslips.
- Proof of Address (recent utility bills from at least two separate companies, in your name.)
- Must be currently employed for at least one year with a recognizable company that does salary deductions

*Conditions Apply


Lets Work Together - COVID19 Response

Posted : April 14, 2020

Dear Valued Customers,
We understand that the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone, and some customers may have difficulty making their loan repayments as scheduled.  
We have therefore waived all late fees and penalty interest fees for 90 days from March 1 – May 30 for customer accounts that have been in good standing with us. We, however, encourage you to make any payments possible so as to keep your account updated and reduce your future loan debt.
If due to COVID-19 you have been laid-off or your work hours and thus salary income has been reduced, please email with attached documentary proof of your change in employment situation along with your most recent contact number, so we can discuss adjustments to your repayment schedule accordingly.
In the coming days, our representatives will also be reaching out to our general customer base, to assess their individual situations and see how best we can find mutually beneficial repayment solutions as we go through this crisis together.
Reminder that your loan repayments can be done via the following channels:
  1. NCB Account # 301-035-160
  2. Paymaster
  3. Bill Express
  4. Head Office – 19 West Kings House Road
              (We, however, encourage the first 3 options to limit in-person interactions)
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our offices are open weekdays from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.  
The Aim Financial team continues to pray for the safety of you and your loved ones as we continue to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health to get through this together.
Orrett Richards
CEO, Aim Financial

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